Forever is Tomorrow, before becoming a production company, began as a pen name for Scott Burton’s writing, it then grew to become a moniker for all creative ventures and the title for his first book of poetry. This book of poetry is raw, uncut and honest, it tells his story dealing with kidney failure since birth and the many ups and downs, physically, mentally and emotionally. Having spent the last 12 years on dialysis awaiting a kidney transplant and juggling life around dialysis, the words bound in this book only become more and more real with each day that passes. Dive into his life, the pain and torment he’s been forced to endure and overcome and see into the window of the soul, behind Forever is Tomorrow Productions.


Forever is Tomorrow
by: Scott Burton
42 poems / 112 pages / paperback
$15 free S&H

This collection of poetry and prose tells a story, filled with thoughts and nightmares; sometimes abstract, sometimes straight-forward, always reality. This book is a window into a tormented mind, however dark it may seem; these are the thoughts floating around within the author’s head on a daily basis. This is his reality, a reality many people will thankfully never have to see, and take that for granted on a daily basis.