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Written & Directed by:
Tyler Hickman

In the near future, Troy and Ivy (Nate Loftin and Alethea Delmage) make a living stealing bank credits cases using high tech toys and sophisticated training. While Troy hunts inside a seemingly benign warehouse, Ivy works as his off-site support. When the case Troy seeks turns up missing, and a group of security troops shows up instead, it’s up to Ivy to help Troy get out of this set-up alive!
”R e l y   o n   t h e   o n e   w h o   w o u l d   d i e   f o r   y o u   t o   g e t   o u t   a l i v e .”


Written by: Scott Burton, Daryl Gall & Josh Godfrey
Directed by: Scott Burton
When the very thing they lived for, that kept them together is ripped from them, this couple must find something new to hold them together. What began as vengeance for 1 becomes solace for both, and a new outlet emerges to cope with the unthinkable.
” S o m e t i m e s  c o p i n g ,  g i v e s  u s  u n e x p e c t e d  p u r p o s e  i n  t h i s  l i f e . ”


yellow daisy“Yellow Daisy”
Written by:
Scott Burton
We are all searching for that thing that completes us, for some, that search is ever consuming by the need to find someone. What happens when that other person, though never met in reality, fills our dreams in our slumber. He’s searching for her, she’s searching for him… Neither knowing if the other exists in the real world, or simply in their dreams.
” T h i s  i s  w h a t  h a p p e n s  w h e n  d r e a m s  &  r e a l i t y  c o l l i d e”

“Between Hope & Death”
-A Documentary-
Directed by: 
Scott Burton
How does it feel to live life not knowing what tomorrow will bring? Your very existence depending on a machine to keep you alive as you wait patiently for your time to come, for someone to die or step up with the ultimate gift… Come along as we step into the world of kidney donation, the shortages, the technology that keeps patients alive as they wait, what’s on the horizon to give them hope and what are the chances they will make it to see that day?
” W e ‘ r e  a l l  j u s t  l i v i n g  a  s l o w  d e a t h ,  a w a i t i n g  o u r  t e r m i n a t i o n . “